Providing Access to Expertise and Opportunities


The Halo Lab is a growth platform that takes sweat equity in exchange for access to value creation through education, mentorship, business development and investors.  We are a long-term partner and industry matchmaker that connects entrepreneurs with the right people, resources and opportunities.


We've Been There


The Halo Lab was created to address a clear void in the world of entrepreneurship: the need for emerging companies to have access to industry knowledge, resources and community.  For over 30 cumulative years, our partners have experience leading, advising and investing in a broad spectrum of consumer companies, from startups to global conglomerates.  Building on this experience, we bring together education, Mentorship, business development and a strategic investor network to build value for our partner companies.  

Our ecosystem continues to grow: 250 Mentors that volunteer to teach classes and spend one-on-one time with our founders, 5 to 10 portfolio companies added annually, a broad network of consumer-focused investors and an expanding list of best-in-class professional service providers, industry partners and sponsors. 





What is unique about The Halo Lab? 
We bring together a carefully curated wealth of talent and resources to give you the best foundation to grow a successful business. In our Program, you will get to work closely with industry insiders and the Halo team to build a roadmap for success; as well, we remain actively engaged in your business as long as we remain long-term partners.

What should I hope to get out of the program? 
Our goal is to be a value-added business partner for you as you scale your company.  We provide access to vital expertise, education and business development resources while also giving you the confidence to make informed decisions to grow. 

What is my time commitment and where is the workspace? 
Classes are scheduled on a rolling basis and are held in various locations throughout New York City over the course of the year. Your time commitment to the The Halo Lab includes attending our classes, events and meetings; we are here to help you grow your business and once a member of the Halo family, you will continue to benefit from our platform.

What are the costs of the program? 
There are no out of pocket cash costs for you—the The Halo Lab receives a portion of equity from participating companies based on the stage of the company.  Equity stakes generally range between 4% and 8% depending on the stage your business is in. 



What are the requirements to apply? 
In general, we accept companies that have a developed and marketed product or service, not just a concept. Most of our companies are generating revenue when they join and are looking for extra resources and industry access to scale.  We also require that you are available to attend our classes, Mentorship sessions and events.

How long will it take for you to get back to me? 
We will let you know as soon as we can. Email for all other questions.


A Business Partner

The Halo Lab receives a portion of equity from participating companies based on the stage of the company.  In our Program, you will get to work closely with industry insiders and the Halo Lab team to build a roadmap for success and we will remain actively engaged in your business until we are no longer equity partners. 



An intensive curriculum taught by Halo Mentors and industry leaders; identify top business priorities and work directly with our team to address each.



Network with Mentors, industry partners, and investors for actionable business development opportunities, revenue generation and investor introductions.

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Our family of entrepreneurs consistently gives back and remains part of the ecosystem, supporting new companies, even after their class has ended.