Ember works closely with leading industry partners and sponsors to bring our events and programs to life.  



Ember provides various opportunities to engage influential audiences of industry participants in both large and small formats including:

  • Quarterly panel discussions

  • Educational programming and workshops including customized curriculum

  • Showcase/demo days

  • Private dinners and networking

  • Open calls for emerging brands and talent

  • Conferences

Select Partners & sponsors

Why partner with ember?

Ember carefully curates content, environments and target audiences to ensure our partners and audiences benefit from our events and programs.  We are thoughtful and purposeful in our introductions and networking.  Our approach has resulted in meaningful value for our partners including:

  • Brand and marketing partnerships and collaborations

  • New clients and engagements

  • C-level hires

  • Closed investment rounds

  • Marketing exposure

  • Access to thought leadership

  • Team building/educational workshops

  • Mentorship


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