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Mentors have benefited from their commitment in various ways including:

- Access to innovation and thought leadership

- Advisory/board roles (including equity)

- Access to education: potential to sit in on our classes as well as our Ember events

- Consulting assignments/engagements

- Professional and career networking

- Investment and business development deal flow

- Collaborations and partnerships

- Potential leadership roles within the company

- Teaching opportunities

- Mentor-only networking events

- Collaboration facilitated amongst Mentors



Mentors select one of two options for their time commitment:

1) Be available to spend at least one-hour of time with various Companies. We will cap the amount of cumulative time spent to a maximum of 10 hours over the course of a year.  Of course, if you would like to go over 10 hours, that would be great!

2) Teach a class. This is generally about a 2 hour commitment with a bit of additional follow up.  Ember will provide the general curriculum or outline and Mentors will add to that with real world experience.

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