The Bonfire Group provides advisory services that deliver innovation, intelligence and digital transformation for clients in the consumer industry.


A trusted advisor

The Bonfire Group creates transformative strategies for growth.  Leveraging our deep experience and network, we work closely with clients to craft innovative solutions that address key challenges and opportunities.   


After an initial intro meeting, The Bonfire Group plans a series of focused sessions that culminate in a customized strategy to achieve the agreed upon objectives.  The first meetings explore the aspirations, goals and limitations of the client organization.  There is no charge for this consultation.

We then quickly develop a budget and a project team to execute an Express Plan to achieve the agreed upon objectives. We work with key leaders in your organization to create an actionable, Fast Strategy Document and Execution Flow.  We establish follow ups, monitoring and milestone achievements.

All engagements are led by our senior team with deep transformation experience in retail, media and innovation; we know HOW.  A bench of over 50 industry experts and service providers, including many Ember Mentors, complements our core team and we access proven and innovative digital platforms.  We are a faster and more efficient way to move your business to the next level.